Happy Mother’s Day!


My mom and my uncle.  Circa 1950’s. 

When you think of greatness, courage, and unshakeable morals you may think of someone big and powerful.  I think of a woman who stands about 5’2” that I like to call mom.

My mom is the definition of true strength exhibited with grace.  That’s not a combination that’s quick to come by. 

My mom knows what it’s like to be poor and literally have no food to eat, and though she overcame and knows what it’s like to have plenty- she never forgets where she came from.  Humility, yet another quality that my amazing mother exudes, that as you know, I may not always share her qualities (we all know how amazing I think I am… let me tell ya, I get it from her!)

As a child, she was there to chase away the monsters when I was scared and couldn’t sleep.  Even as an adult, I still go to my mom when something is overwhelming me.  I can’t imagine not feeling her love, because there is no stronger force known to me.  

Late in the year 2012, as many of you know, I lost the man who raised me, additionally, my mother lost her husband of 22 years as we lost the same man.  My mom has been married from the age of 18 and didn’t even know how to pay a bill, as she’s never had to.  She learned how and she does a great job of managing her life, now on an independent level that she had not been used to before.  Many times, our parents are the ones who feel immense pride for their children, but could be any more proud of their mom than I am of mine.  When you’re raised by a soldier, you don’t easily give up the fight.

Watching TV yesterday, I ended up tuned in on old Roseanne episodes.  A lot of you grew up in Leave it to Beaver households, I grew up in the “Conner” family.  We weren’t perfect, but we didn’t try to hide our imperfections from anyone, we lived them and we were them.  My pop used to say, “Perfectly imperfect.”  Far more articulate than “Dan Conner” but funnier and more handsome, for sure.  Despite all of the loud, somewhat redneckesque, and hilarious things that went on in the family depicted on TV’s Roseanne, at the end of the day- the parents always told their kids they loved them, they always kissed them goodnight, and they were happy.  So, while some of you had June and Ward, I was happy having Dan and Roseanne.  They made me who I am today. 

I salute my mom who has shown me what tactful grace with humor and strength, all the while loving everyone, and having dinner on the table at night was all about.  If you ever feel like you may be failing, just remember in the eyes of your child you may be a REAL super hero. 

Happy mother’s day, momma!  I love you! 


My mom and me.  Circa 1980’s.


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